3 Ways to Make Your Knowledge Actionable

Just knowing different things is not enough. Making your knowledge actionable is what is going to set you apart from everyone else. A bunch of unopened motivational books on the side of your unmade bed or clothes hung over a treadmill machine are usually good signs that you are not putting your knowledge into action.

It is easy to identify what best suits your interests. You must know that if you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, your health will improve. This is the knowledge that you already possess. However, it won’t serve any purpose unless you have the willingness to commit yourself to making this knowledge actionable. Otherwise acquiring this knowledge has no practical value.

Knowledge gives you power only if you make it actionable. You will realize your potential only when you take concrete measures to apply your knowledge. The ideal place to start this process is with yourself. Use your knowledge to reap benefits for yourself.

So here are three ways to help make your knowledge actionable.

Examine Your Thoughts

It is useful to know multiple things but what is important is how it is applied. You need to give context to your knowledge if you want it to serve you well.

Acquiring knowledge for the sake of it has little utility. At times, this may lead you to develop limiting beliefs. It can make your judgment flawed and can make you behave irrationally. These limiting beliefs can constantly get reinforced if they remain unchecked. Once this happens, these beliefs will become sacrosanct and will hinder your personal and professional growth.

Once your limiting beliefs become imprinted on your mind, your ego will prevent you from breaking free from them. You will develop a resistance to change and will hesitate to move out of the familiarity of your comfort zone.

You Should Value Yourself

You know what is best for yourself. But how much do you think you are worth? The degree to which your activities are consistent with what you know is beneficial for you reflects your self-esteem.

Whether you are out of sync with your job or your lifestyle, it is your self-worth compass that will bring you back on track—but only if you let it.

All too often, previous negative thoughts of unworthiness keep you from taking care of yourself and investing in your well-being. If you love yourself sufficiently, you will be able to break free from these ideas, make better decisions, and act on facts rather than myths.

Invest in Life Coaching

A life coach’s duty is not to make you feel better. It is to improve your vision. The majority of breakthroughs during a coaching session occur as a consequence of the client seeing their thinking for what it is—completely irrational and fatally defective. Positive thoughts and prospective answers are frequently ignored as your unquestioned preconceptions obstruct your route to a better way of life.

The ego exhales a sigh of relief: there is no need to change, to question conventional wisdom, to take a risk, or even to address a long-standing problem. It is too difficult. It seems impossible, so you may stay exactly where you are: trapped, a prisoner of your ideas and beliefs—beliefs that can be used as an excuse to do nothing.

But what if the belief is not true, or is not true any longer? What if there is another way to look at this? You must stop the pattern that prohibits you from doing what is best for you. Attempting to perceive an established paradigm from a new perspective, on the other hand, can be like trying to tickle oneself.

The purpose of the transformational coach is, in essence, to interrupt the negative reflex responses of your thinking, to assist you in breaking the loop that keeps you from doing what is best for you, and to put your knowledge into action.

Summing UP

You are better able to use your information in context if you are aware of it, whether it comes from professional training, employment, or life experiences.

What you know may be used not just for absolute decision-making and action, but also for calculating the likelihood of events. With this confidence, you will find that putting knowledge into action is empowering, entertaining, and fulfilling.

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