4 Benefits That You Get With a Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

You’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. Before you make any decisions, it pays to find out all you can about the car in question. One of the smartest moves you could make is making sure a used car pre purchase inspection is complete and the results are made available to you. Here are some of the things you’re likely to learn thanks to that inspection.

Knowing the Engine is Sound

Part of the inspection will focus on the engine. This typically involves performing a complete computer engine analysis that evaluates performance and identifies possible performance issues. Among them is the degree of engine compression that takes place when the vehicle is in use.

Since engine problems are among the most common issues that occur with older vehicles, anything you can learn about the engine’s condition is helpful. The inspection results may help you decide if the car is worth considering or if you need to look at something else.

And That the Brakes are In Good Shape

Next to the engine, the braking system is often something that potential buyers want to know about. Part of the inspection process involves evaluating brake performance. It often includes checking specifics of the system, including the brake shoes and pads on older models. The goal is to determine if there is a likely need for replacement parts any time soon.

What you hope to learn is that the system is in good shape overall, and nothing will need to be done during the first year or two of ownership. When this is the case, it’s worth your time to continue looking at the vehicle.


The Exhaust System Gets Attention Too

The exhaust system is also likely to get quite a bit of attention during a used car pre purchase inspection. That includes evaluating the emissions and how they compare to local standards. It’s also about determining if the emissions indicate the engine is burning oil, or if some of the exhaust is finding its way into the cab. Those are problems that you don’t want to deal with.

Assuming that the inspection confirms that the exhaust system is performing within acceptable limits and is likely to do so for some time, feel free to continue checking into what the vehicle has to offer.

You May Learn About Undisclosed Damage

Are you completely sure the vehicle has not been involved in a wreck? Just looking at the vehicle doesn’t indicate any damage. The car history is clean as well. Isn’t that enough?

What you may not realize is that a thorough car inspection may identify damage that was never reported before. Instead of filing accident reports and insurance claims, a previous owner may have elected to have the vehicle repaired out of pocket. There’s a good chance that an inspection by a professional will determine if any damage was done in the past, and if the replacement parts were originals.

There’s a lot you can learn from having a full vehicle inspection conducted before you purchase a used car. If the seller is not willing to provide the results or to have an inspection conducted, take that as a sign to find a different vehicle offered by another seller.

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