4 Reasons to Use Cloud Storage for Endpoint Backups

Endpoints are the end result of your company’s data stream. Endpoint devices, like laptops and desktops, are assigned to end users, who are your individual employees that keep data on their devices for a long period of time. Cloud storage is an important part of keeping those endpoint devices safe, allowing your company to maintain function even if someone’s device goes down. Here are four reasons that endpoint backup and archive through a cloud storage system is a good idea.

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  1. Archive Everything

With a cloud storage system, you can easily archive everything on an individual device. You don’t need to think about which elements of the device to archive; you can just choose to archive the entire endpoint device for each device you have.This means that if something happens to one of these devices, you can immediately download the entire digital copy of the device to a new device, allowing work to continue as normal.

  1. Easily Expand Your Archive Size If Needed

One of the best reasons to consider cloud storage for backups is because it’s super easy to expand archive sizes if necessary. If you add another person to your team, someone needs to download hundreds of gigabytes of files, or your workload generally gets larger, you’ll need to expand the availability of space. On a cloud server, this is possible with just the click of a button.

  1. Keep Archives of Each Person’s Data Individually Without Wasted Space

Being able to keep each person’s data individually is crucial when it comes to an endpoint backup. If you try to archive data onto physical backups, you’re likely going to need to archive each person’s data onto an individual device. However, this is undoubtedly going to lead to some amount of wasted space. When you upload to the cloud, however, you can keep data individually without wasting that space.

  1. Manage All Compliance Paperwork and Processes

Lastly, one of the reasons companies might feel uncomfortable about uploading their information to the cloud is because of security and compliance. In some companies, compliance is necessary to manage important data that clients give the individuals in the company. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re unable to upload information to the cloud. If you need to stick to certain compliance processes, you just need to look for a cloud service that is able to stick to those compliance processes.


Cloud storage is far and away the best choice for endpoint backups. This is true whether or not your company regularly manages important information that you need to keep as confidential as possible. If you have multiple employees running endpoint devices, you need to make sure that you’re backing up these endpoint devices on a regular basis just in case those devices are in some way compromised. Cloud services are a great way to make sure a “clean” version of those endpoint devices are availableat any point.

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