7 affordable ways to market a small business

Small businesses do not have a big amount in their bank accounts like industry giants. They always struggle to promote their business to the niche market. Their resources are limited and have many budget constraints. In such circumstances, it is a big challenge to market a business. But to survive and grow in the market, it is vital to work on some cheaper marketing alternatives, and fortunately, there are a good number of options.

Important is to use maximum the available options

Of course, the suggested ways of marketing below are effective, but only if you use them up to the maximum level. Many promising marketing options are available for small businesses. If you also own a little initiative, it is time to explore inexpensive ways of marketing.

1. Get listed on ‘Google My Business’

It is considered as the best way to promote your business free of cost. We all know about this platform and its calibre to take a company to a wider customer base according to geographical features and business type. A small business can explore many benefits of Google My Business.

Update your address, phone number. It helps people contact you and generate business. Here a business can respond to customer reviews, questions and comments. Update new pictures of the business and get a stronger presence on Google maps and search. It is free of cost and also the favourite of the businesses to mark a national and international level reach.

2. Develop industrial partnership

The concept of industrial partnership is always great. However, it is possible with only those companies that are not your direct competitors. Such initiatives always work in the desired direction giving the due promotion to the new horizons. It always works because when two businesses meet, obviously, they bring something constructive.

It gives business new customers and communicates with them about the offered products and services. Whether it is about an offline activity or an online one such as a webinar, such activities help a lot in making a real difference in business marketing. The benefit is that this trick is useful for existing as well as start-up businesses.

3. Explore cheaper paid marketing  options

Sometimes the best way to reach the customers is to find a smart and practicable marketing company. Every business has a niche market, and paid promotion companies to target that niche market effectively. With a team of experts, they make workable plans to promote your business in the market and generate profit. Due to heavy competition and search for new clients who want to promote their business, digital marketing companies give affordable services.

Also, it is possible to bargain and get a good deal to make a business popular in the industry as well as the market. A new medical equipment company can also compete with a big finance company through the right promotion strategy. Similarly, a fashion start-up can establish soon with affordable promotion strategies.

4. Make your website user-friendly

Authenticity is a big factor in marketing, and users consider only those businesses trustworthy with a good website. You need to work on that aspect while making the website user-friendly. There are certain features of such websites – readable content, simple and speedy application forms, mobile friendly etc. No need to be complicated in design, just to look technologically advanced. Customers never like complicated things.

This suggestion is important for certain types of businesses, such as financial companies. Imagine a person looking for a good deal on debt consolidation loans for bad credit people in the UK and finding a lender. He visits the website but finds the application form is slow and as long as equal to four pages. Do you think that is a borrower-friendly website? No, certainly not. The applicant can easily switch to the next lender.

5. Spread the ‘special offers’ on all social media pages

People love to explore and exploit special offers and discounts on products and services. In fact, some buyers desperately wait for timely and seasonal offers by the companies. It is the reason during the festive season. Businesses usually record a big sale because it is the time of discounts and many more benefits.

Create a list of special offers that your business is planning to offer to the customers. Post them on all social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Instagram is the most promising option nowadays. However, prepare content for every platform. This method is simple but effective, and you know that.

6. Do some social activity

A business has some responsibilities towards society, and through a humanitarian activity also, you can promote your business to a wider geographical area. Connect with a non-profit organisation. They do not charge anything. The business just needs to spend some money to make the arrangement for the occasions.

From plantation rides to offering free vocational skills to teenagers, your business can connect to people in many ways. The non-profit organisations know important personalities, and on such occasions, you may also get the chance to meet an important person. Such meetings may bring new investors if your business has some good things to offer to society.

7. Referral marketing makes a big difference

Referral marketing is one among the simplest methods but irreplaceable ineffectiveness. Businesses all over the world accept the effectiveness of this business. Give some points or discounts on every referral. If you are really getting business through it, offering reward points and discounts should not be expensive.

Referral marketing can be done in two forms. One is the traditional form through word-of-mouth, and another is the online referral. Share the links and ask the existing customers to spread them further and get seasonal offers. For a small business, such affordable ways work amazingly and help a company cover many miles of marketing in a short time.


The above ways of marketing a small business are cheaper and simpler to understand. The multiplicity of choice makes you able to choose and explore the opportunity to spread in many directions. Both the paid and free alternatives for marketing are available, and they are effective too. Keep exploring the affordable ways because the marketing options are versatile now. Things are easy to offer, from a simple social media page to regular blogging and consistent events organised with the local community.

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