Benefits and Limitations of Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is not a new thing and it has numerous functions now more than ever. You will find kiosk devices everywhere now. From retail stores to schools, everything is being displayed on kiosk devices and its uses are just increasing every day. Since Windows 10 is the most commonly used and the smoothest operating system, Windows 10 kiosk mode is very effective and common now. It is being used everywhere. But, what does a kiosk device do?

Kiosk mode apps are in the most demand these days because not only does the kiosk mode saves resources and money, but it also helps in increasing the efficiency of work and making the learning experience better for kids. Kiosk mode makes a device run a single or a few applications only, restricting it to other uses, thus making it very efficient to use.

The Uses of Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

For those, who still don’t know the use of kiosk mode or who think that they might not need or use it, here are some the examples of where the kiosk mode is being used:


Since technology is everywhere, you cannot stop kids from using smartphones. If you don’t give them digital technology, their attention span learning also decreases, which makes learning difficult and boring. That is why the schools’ management has decided to use digital media to teach kids about different things. But when you use technology at school, you need to be very careful as kids can use it for the wrong purpose, the wrong sort of content can show up when you teach through the internet, etc. This is where kiosk devices come in handy as they help in locking the devices to only a few apps so that the kids can stick to the learning but can explore more.


When you have big workplaces, you cannot afford viruses, spam, and hackers, coming through the use of unguided and immature digital devices. Also, these issues can take up a lot of resources for correction along with the fear of data being lost. With kiosk devices, there is no need to worry. You can lock down all the devices to only a few approved apps and this way, no one would roam around the internet for no reason. Also, it has been observed that employees’ efficiency drastically increases with the help of such tools.


In big retail stores, it is very hard to enter all the products manually and make the bill. Kiosk devices can help in this area too. People are already using kiosk devices in stores where they are not worried about the data being mixed and there is no hassle as well.

Business purpose Kiosks

If you look around, you will come across various digital boards on the streets. Also, you will have stand-alone devices presenting information about the place. These are business-purpose kiosk devices that are made for public areas. They will run the same message again and again to show the audience. Also, ATMs are common kiosk devices that we use every day.

What does Windows 10 Kiosk Mode Offer?

Since windows 10 is the most commonly used operating system, its kiosk is the best one that you can use. It can be used for business purposes as it helps in providing more efficient working devices free from any distractions. Here are the two options available in windows 10 kiosk mode:

Single-App Lockdown

With this mode, the devices can be locked down to a single app only. That app is shown in full screen on the device and it cannot be minimized, closed, or changed. These types of kiosks are displayed in public places so that no one can interfere with their functioning.

Multi-App Lockdown

This mode is used for more personal use such as the PCs of employees. With this option, you can allow them to use multiple apps, but these apps are pre-approved by the IT admins only. They keep an eye on the systems for any sort of abnormality.

Benefits of Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

With Windows 10 kiosk mode, you can avail following benefits:


  • You will see how it can make productivity levels better. When users are allowed to use certain apps only, it improves their productivity level since they cannot roam around much.
  • The devices will work better because those devices will be free from unnecessary data and apps. The users cannot download other apps nor can they interfere with the settings. This keeps the devices running smoothly.
  • Kiosks are very cost-effective as they can make sure that the devices are running smoothly without any external error. The unnecessary errors and viruses can cost much when it comes to removing them. There is no need to worry about such things.
  • Data will remain secure when you use kiosk mode. No one can get access to the devices without admin approval and even the users are given restricted access.
  • When the security incidents are less, the maintenance cost decreases too.

Limitations to Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

When using Windows 10 kiosk mode, you cannot be completely relaxed as there are some limitations to it too, such as:

  • If malicious files are downloaded, the operating system can be corrupted and all the data can be lost too.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts are not restricted. If someone knows about them, they can easily get into the system and disrupt the kiosk mode.
  • While only a few applications are allowed, some pop-up windows can still open in them giving the hackers an option to intervene.
  • In multi-app kiosk mode, some restrictions will be applied to all the devices whether the account has assigned access or not. To resolve this, the device needs a factory reset.

Windows 10 Kiosk Mode with MDM

To avoid any sort of risks and to approve the kiosk mode completely, VantageMDM can help. This MDM solution will provide complete lockdown in the devices with no window to temper in. There will be no risks associated with the lockdown devices and also, and it is the most efficient software being used these days. It prioritizes the user experience by adding powerful features to secure the data and devices as much as possible. You can use VantageMDM for Windows 10 as well to minimize the errors.

Major benefits of VantageMDM:

  • Automatic restart device to update new settings.
  • Enhance employee performance
  • Auto-update the security settings.
  • Continuous device monitoring
  • Reduce the maintenance cost
  • Completely visibility to firmware, hardware, and applications on the devices.

With an MDM solution, you can not only enjoy the kiosk mode, but you can also do monitoring and tracking to add that extra layer of protection. You can monitor screens and manage the devices remotely whenever necessary. This way, you will know what sort of issues have been raised at what time, and you can make changes right away. VantageMDM is your one-stop solution to all problems that may stop you from working efficiently and achieving your goals.

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