There are currently very few affordable true ANC wireless earphones up for the taking. Yet here we have not one but two that reap the best of both performance and price.

Recently, new and very hot products have taken the limelight through demand in the market. Both the Oneaimfit D01 Plus Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds and the Oneaimfit A40 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds have something to offer that evades today’s market. Let us delve into the offerings of these humbly priced and sparse buds.

Lengthy Battery

Unlike other products in this price category, the battery life of these tiny speakers will allow you to play games even after the full course of your workout. The staggering 140 hours of stand-by time are more than evidence of this battery’s life. If you enable the ANC, the playtime would drop by an hour to 5-6 hours. These headphones employ a lithium battery, which is widespread in modern technology, therefore the battery life is up to date.

The D01 has a display bar that provides precise battery readings. While the A40 will give you the perfect impression, D01 prioritized the specificity with that captivating blue display.

ANC & Even ENC

ANC is a serious challenge with today’s cheap earbuds. While some might market this criteria, their warranties might not be as solid as they seem. Just a publicity gimmick. Oneaimfit’s publicity however is their value which speaks for itself, so the ANC and ENC are a true promise. These buds are sure to give you an immersive listening experience while eliminating all static from your earbuds. With ANC and ENC, this new technology is made timeless, and they’ll stay relevant for times to come. You won’t be missing out on any developments for a while as long as you don’t lose these earbuds under your furniture.

What is ANC & ENC?

By using noise-cancelling speakers, active noise cancellation lowers distracting background noise. They remove the bothersome distraction of any outside noise or static, allowing you to concentrate on your game or favourite lyrics. While Environmental Noise Cancellation mutes outside noises to enhance the quality of your speech delivery. This encourages greater participation on your part, which enhances the gaming experience.

User Friendly Build

The sound and the purchase’s design are what determine the quality of any earbuds. These earbuds are the ideal size and shape for the user. Both the D01 and A40 have a convenient case and design making portability and blending into any set an added convenience. This contributes to the rich audio these earbuds provide. Your standards for sound will be raised by using these earbuds because they are soft and have clear clarity.

Seamless Connection

Connectivity is a pain with penny pincher products since it ruins relaxing or sporting moments. Most people’s patience can’t stand the inconvenience. Thankfully, these earbuds take the sweet approach for static-free pairing that is as seamless as possible. assuming, of course, that you don’t take to the wild to test the range of the buds.

The Elite Stamp

You can’t ask for high-end features at this pricing point, can you? You don’t have to, though. Adding Receptive touch, the hint of beauty and edge, Oneaimfit sought to cram everything premium here. What’s even more is that a simple tap to these buds and you can pause playback and switch between tracks. Most likely, you won’t find touch control with those functions included anywhere else at this price.

In addition to ANC and ENC, transparency mode also gives you the option to occasionally listen to your surroundings. No more annoying stunts to get your attention, thanks for the thought Oneaimfit.

Both of these devices’ waterproofing is also included in the making. That’s a rather wholesome craft, huh? Wear them out in the rain, and you’ll find them working just fine. Actually, with that soaked look on them, they might even look better.

A40 and D01, Where’s the difference?

Well, these two buds don’t really differ from one another outside their evident differences in appearance. Both of them employ the same technologies. On the A40, D01 has a few advantages. The first has more sophisticated water resistance technology. Then there is the appearance; D01 has the sleek battery display complementing its style, whilst A40 is more simple. D01 uses IPX-5 while A40 has IPX-4 technology. The D01 also features an automatic off feature, which turns them off when they are put in the case. It’s really up to the user’s preferences at this point.

Oneaimfit sells both of these earbuds, and they both make excellent purchases. They are both fantastic and best on their own. If you’re on the fence, just choose one with your eyes closed; they’re both earbuds that have stood the test of time and are quite practical.


They just went ahead and completed it. Giving you the buy with nothing but the tension of, wait, nothing at all. What conclusions may you draw from these extraordinary earbuds? I don’t mind a small catch at this stage. The Oneaimfit store is brimming with these buds so I suppose leaving a link here would be appropriate. This captivating little piece of awesome machinery belongs in all your hands.


Oneaimfit is a new earbuds brand with an intriguing selection of headphones and more to come. More of their items will probably be used in the public if they continue on this course. The demand is increasing and is currently more than warranted, so let’s see what happens. Check out how you like these earphones until then.

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