Craigslist User Finds Haunted House For Rent!

craigslist redding A recent Craigslist user found a haunted house for rent and decided to check it out. Edward, the user, went to the address provided and saw that there was a For Rent sign in the front yard. The house looked like it had been recently renovated, so Edward decided to go inside.

Jordan was browsing Craigslist when she came across an ad for a haunted house. Initially, she thought it was a joke, but after checking the address and seeing that it was real, she decided to take a look. When Jordan arrived at the house, she found that it was actually quite spooky.

Craigslist user, Bryan, found a haunted house for rent on the site. After viewing the listing, Bryan knew he had to check it out. The house is located in a small town in Pennsylvania and it seems like it would be a lot of fun to go visit.


The city of Redding, Oklahoma has won the Best of Oklahoma Award. The award is given to a municipality that demonstrates excellence in various categories, including arts and culture, business and finance, community spirit, education, health and well-being, infrastructure, and quality of life. The city of Redding was praised for its strong economy and its friendly community spirit.

The small town of Craig, Oklahoma won the Best of Oklahoma Award in 2016. Craig was chosen for its unique downtown district, which features a variety of shops and restaurants. The town’s residents are also proud of their community spirit.

The small town of Craiglist Redding in northeast Oklahoma has been named the best small town in Oklahoma. The award was given out by the Oklahoma Organization of Townships and Villages at their annual meeting in Tahlequah. The award is based on criteria such as economic development, community involvement, and quality of life.

Craigslist User Finds Rare Vintage Car For Sale

A Craigslist user in Illinois found a rare vintage car for sale and made an offer. The car is a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air and it’s said to be in good condition.

San Francisco-based user “danieldaniel” was browsing the classifieds website Craigslist when they came across a most unusual car for sale. The 1965 Dodge Dart GTS was only listed for $2,000, but danieldaniel sensed there must be something special about it. After investigating further, they realized that this rare model is one of only 1,500 ever made.

On Craigslist, user “Mick” found a rare vintage car for sale. The car is a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air and is in excellent condition. Mick was able to negotiate a price with the seller and he is now the proud owner of this classic car.

Up for Sale: Cute Puppy Looking For New Family

Looking for a new family for its adorable puppy? Look no further than up for sale. This little dog is looking for a loving home that can provide it with plenty of love and attention. The pup is around two years old and is very friendly and playful. If you’re interested in adopting this pup, please contact the shelter listed below.

Looking for a new family to love and care for its puppy? Look no further! This little pup is up for sale and is sure to make a great addition to any family. He’s playful, affectionate, and loves being around people. He’s also very house-trained and would make a great pet. If you’re interested in this cute pup, please contact the seller soon!

Looking for a new family for her cute puppy? She’s up for sale and is ready to be adopted! This pet is very sweet,θ and loves to play. She is currently living in a home with two other dogs, but would love to have a family of her own. If you’re interested in adopting this pup, please contact the adoption agency listed in the article.

$50 Craigslist Find Could Mean The End Of An Dynasty

In the small town of Redmond, Washington, there is a family that has been in power for as long as anyone can remember. The Knapp family has controlled the local government and the economy for as long as anyone can remember. However, everything may be changing with the discovery of a $50 Craigslist find.

In ancient China, a king’s throne was never secure until he had a son to succeed him. For more than 2,000 years, this policy of male succession has resulted in six generations of rulers all ruling from the same family line. But that could all change with the death of the current emperor and the discovery of an undiscovered heir. If this new prince is recognized as the rightful heir by his subjects, he will become the first emperor from a peasant family in over 200 years.

Mia and her family have been farming in the same spot on the family farm for four generations. Her grandfather started the farm, and Mia’s father continued to run it after he married Mia’s mother. The next generation of farmers is ready to take over, but Mia’s family may not be able to continue if they can’t find a way to keep up with the cost of inputs. Recently, Mia stumbled across a 50-pound bag of rice on Craigslist for only $50.

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