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Can you still vaguely recall the sound your shiny new phone made when you put it on the floor? The sound of the break causes you to quickly react by grabbing the phone and turning around. Simply by taking a peek, I saw it. The display has broken. There’s a good chance you’ve been through anything like this, It’s estimated that in the Chinese wholesale some smartphone screens quality of the mobile case.

And over forty percent of phones that break in this way never get fixed, becoming dangerous electrical debris that is very hard to recycle. However, the wholesale a94 Oppo case factory is fantastic they allow us to stay in contact with friends and family and serve as windows into the wider world. They are costly to produce and acquire because of the enormous amount of resources required. And we still don’t do enough to look after them. Our goal as A Good Company is to provide useful and environmentally friendly goods for people’s daily lives. What could be more commonplace than a protective cover for one’s smartphone? One that will keep your phone safe, look good, and be built in the eco-friendliest manner possible.

Indicative of the procedure and methodology

These days, a high-quality phone cover requires more than just an appropriate and organic raw material. There is a lot of effort invested at A Good Company in finding reliable vendors. Just 10 kilometers from Arvid’s linseed farm, we identified a modest facility run by a family that could process our biological material. Two guys, one Swedish and one Canadian oversee the facility, which focuses on producing granulates.

We were able to find a second family-run factory near us that was up for the task. We have nothing but praise for this establishment. It uses hydroelectricity in the winter and solar power in the summer and has a closed system for effluent.

Our organic pellets were pressed into eight distinct a94 Oppo case designs by a company that specializes in plastic molding, with our assistance and specialized tooling equipment that we built for them. We are quite pleased with the outcome, especially considering the number of effort required due to the considerably different qualities of a biological material compared to plastics (such as how it responds to heat).

Beautiful prints, made using organic inks, are added to the phone covers by a local print company. Thus, you now have it. Near our home, with the support of four fantastic collaborators, we designed and developed one of the most beautiful phone covers ever, fully from a biologic and biodegradable material.

Arvid cultivates linseed on a certified-ecological farm around 150 kilometers south of Stockholm, the location of A Good Company. In a94 Oppo case you weren’t aware, linseed (or flax, as it’s commonly known) is a crop grown for both food and fiber in the planet’s colder climates.

More than that, it may be used in a wide variety of contexts

Additionally, when pressed, the resulting linseed oil makes for an excellent wood impregnator. The problem with this plant, however, is that its seeds are really little, even though the plant itself is rather large. Grown by Arvid for their seeds as a food crop, the plants’ byproducts are plentiful. We knew we wanted to keep our phones safe, so we didn’t buy an a94 Oppo case made from toxic plastic. We set out to find a natural alternative. As far as plants go, the linseed plant is almost ideal. Because of its high resin content, it may be used as a binder (similar to starch). And if you refine the processing just so, you’ll have a product that’s ideal for our purposes.

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