How To Shop For Coffee Beans While Making Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, and many people find it difficult to work properly without drinking at least one cup of coffee daily. Many coffee lovers have invested in a coffee grinder and coffee maker in their homes to get the best-tasting coffee. Most offices also have a coffee machine for making coffee automatically. While the coffee powder is readily available, for the best coffee taste and flavor it is advisable to use coffee beans and grind them whenever required. Coffee lovers who are planning to shop now for coffee beans should consider the following factors while choosing the right coffee beans.

Arabica or robusta coffee-beans

One of the considerations while choosing coffee beans is whether they are arabica or robusta coffee since they differ in their flavor, taste, and other aspects. Arabica coffee beans are the more popular variety of coffee since these beans have a smooth and sweeter taste, with some having a sugary or chocolate flavor. In contrast, Robusta beans have a bitter taste and stronger, harsher flavor, so these beans are less popular. The price of the Arabica beans is also higher than the Robusta beans. usually, the seller will specify the type of coffee beans that are being used. In some cases, the Arabica and robusta beans are mixed together, and the proportion of these beans in the mixture is specified.


Some people do not like to drink coffee because of its bitter taste and because it contains caffeine, which causes insomnia at night, adversely affecting their sleep and health. Hence some people prefer to only drink decaffeinated coffee, where all the caffeine has been removed. The Carbon dioxide process used to decaffeinate coffee does not result in major changes in the taste and flavor of the coffee. However decaffeinated coffee is less bitter than normal coffee, and contains the anti-oxidants which neutralize harmful free radicals. A mixture of arabica and robusta beans may be used for making the decaffeinated coffee


Normally the coffee beans are roasted for a short period of time and then ground coarsely to make coffee. Most of the coffee beans do not dissolve, so the concentration of this coffee is usually less. For a more concentrated coffee drink, the coffee beans are roasted to a high temperature, so that they become darker in color. The espresso coffee beans are then finely ground to a powder, which is more soluble in water. So the espresso coffee is more concentrated and has a stronger flavor. In most cases, Arabica coffee beans are used for making espresso coffee beans.

Other considerations

Coffee lovers should be aware that if the coffee beans are ground and stored, they will gradually lose their flavor and uniqueness. Though many people use coffee powder since it is convenient, they do not realize that it has lost its aroma. It is advisable to only use fresh coffee beans for making coffee, so the date of packing of the coffee beans should be checked. After the coffee beans pack is opened, the beans should be stored in a sealed canister so that the beans retain their flavor.

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