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Learning About Alignments And Adjustments In Yoga 

You must have heard a million times, that you must get into that perfect posture. However, the best yoga teacher will tell you, there is nothing as such. Moreover, when you see others effortlessly entering postures in yoga, you may be filled with dismay, for not being able to do it. The first thing here is to stop emulating the others. Secondly, you are not the only one facing this problem. There are many yoga practitioners, who cannot get into that so-called perfect mold. You are unique, and that is what will make a difference in your life. The Yoga School in Bali, Indonesia, treats every individual differently. 

You will find that the classes have minimal students so that the teachers can interact in a better manner. The main goal of the teachers teaching you yoga in Bali is to help you find your perfect stance. Alignment and adjustment are two crucial aspects of practicing yoga. Let us find out what you need to keep in mind, to get these things right. 

What Is Alignment According To The Yoga School In Bali, Indonesia

Yoga alignment is nothing, but placement of the bones and muscles in the right manner, which suits you. It is not just about drawing straight lines or stacking. You should pursue the right alignment, to get yourself a new posture. So, you should know that alignments differ from person to person. It also depends on the body type. If you practice the right alignments, according to your body type, you will be able to improve your physical power. 

You do not need to worry about being flexible or mobile. You can achieve the right alignment for yourself, by using straps, belts, blocks, and bolsters, as well. If you are a beginner reading this, you may find certain postures more complex than the others. Some practitioners become so stiff while practicing yoga, that they stop practicing altogether. The best teachers at the Yoga School in Bali will ask you to first open the body’s muscles, and then think about alignment. Unless you have a more extensive range of motion, you cannot get the alignments right. You have to overcome your body’s resistance first and leave the rest to time and practice. You will get the best guidance at the yoga school under trained experts. 

Getting That Perfect Posture Right 

It might seem a bit difficult for you to get that perfect posture right. So, does it refer to the position of different body parts or your movement potential? The best answer is ‘the state of your body when you have reached a certain level, without stressing the muscles and joints unnecessarily’ is what it actually is. You can refer to the practice of Hatha Yoga for this reason. You may know already that it is a foundational practice. You also need to keep in mind that you must hold the postures for a certain amount of time to get them right. However, there is nothing called perfect in it. 

You should aim for that position, where you put an equal amount of stress on both sides of your body. Moreover, you should not spend a lot of energy to achieve this pose. You also need to keep in mind, that balance is important. 

Learning To Teach Students About Alignment

There will be instances, when you need to learn about the verbal cues. If you intend to become a teacher, and that is your sole purpose to head to the Yoga School in Bali, Indonesia, you can learn the same from the teachers. The teachers at the school are extremely co-operative and will help you to gain knowledge on this aspect.  Like you, your students will also be different. You may not be able to adjust each one’s stance, separately. 

The reason is time limits. That applies to every situation. You have to master the art of verbal instructions. You have to be a competent yoga teacher who can guide students to get their alignments right, through verbal cues alone. You need to keep a few nuances in mind, while getting yours as well as your student’s alignment right. 

Here we have compiled a few:

  • You have to start aligning the body from the ground upwards. This is for positions where you have your feet placed on the ground. On the other hand, if your hands are on the ground, as in the case of inversions, work your way up from the hands. 
  • You should be extremely mindful while practicing yoga. Focus and attention are crucial, when you think about getting your alignments right. This will help you to make your body aware. 
  • You will study about anatomy, as a part of the yoga course. You need to target the right muscles and connective tissues, to get your alignment right. 
  • Always keep the neck in line with the spine. This is a rule which you cannot avoid in the practice of yoga. If your neck is not in line with the spine, the energy flow will be obstructed. Always keep the neck safe and on high priority. 
  • You must ensure to stack the joints, wherever they are, on top of the other. If you are able to do this, then you are closer to getting your alignments right. 
  • You should never try to achieve that 90 degrees in all the yoga asana that you attempt. This works for a few people, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. So, you can change angles. 
  • Sometimes, you may not be able to keep pace with your instructors. Do not hesitate to stop, when it becomes too much. You need not follow all the cues. 
  • You should ideally use props to help you get your alignments right. 

 If you follow these, you will be getting the benefits of the alignments and adjustments after some time. 


The Yoga School in Bali, Indonesia is one of the best places to perfect your yoga practice. Living Yoga School is a registered school, where you will be able to learn, practice and also master yoga in the right manner. You will be awarded with a certification, which can take you places. So, stop thinking, and join the school now!

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