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Promote your content on social networks | Top 10 tips

Publishing regularly is a good thing, but this action alone is insufficient: promoting your content on social networks is ESSENTIAL. Because no doubt, launching a website, writing a blog article or editing a YouTube video, all of this takes time. However, if this web content is only seen by your compassionate parents, we deduce that your communication strategy is not a great success. If it is a tedious exercise when you have few fans on the 3 behemoths FacebookTwitter and Instagram, yet it is within everyone’s reach! So how do you publicize a new productGain trafficPromote a brand? You will have understood that creating commitment on social networks is one of the major challenges of web visibility. Focus on the 10 keys to success in this area.

1. Create social media engagement with a punchy headline

Why do people click on content from our Facebook News Feed or Twitter Timeline? Answer: very often because the title calls out. It’s an imponderable of inbound marketing, the best content in the world will never be viewed without a hook worthy of the name. Conciseness, clarity and impact are the key words of a copywritten title. In fact, a Bozsum study of 100 million articles has shown that the words “make you” or “will make you” work best with the reader. Also note that list titles are the second most shared content after infographics, with a good trend for numbers 5, 7, 10 and 15.

2. Communicate emotions through images and videos

The form counts at least as much as the content on social networks. Cleverly highlighted images, true vectors of emotions, will increase the enthusiasm for the content published. Regarding videos, promoting your content on YouTube is interesting if the channel is well optimized. But it is on Facebook that the results are the most surprising: a publication with video is eight times more commented than with a text alone. Yes, just that! Then turn to interviews with experts, satisfied customers or tutorials to amplify your commitment. Finally, for an exhaustive web marketing strategy, complete the promotion of your content with social networks solely dedicated to visuals: Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. Want to know more? Read our article to find out how to increase your traffic through Pinterest.

3. Promote your content on Facebook

With over 2 billion users, your audience is probably on Facebook. The latter provides communication tools in the most varied formats. From the simple publication to the story, through video posts, a Facebook business page can easily spread its content.

3 ideas to promote your content on Facebook:

  1. Boost your Facebook posts with short posts: less than 80 characters and that’s 66% more clicks (Buffer study).
  2. Use text-only posts sparingly: they get less engagement than those with videos or images and therefore have less reach.

Use the native format which is the key to organic traffic on ghost writers pages. The link of a YouTube channel video will have 10 times less views than if it is uploaded directly to the News Feed.

4. Promote your content on Twitter

Twitter remains interesting to increase your audience with its 330 million active users. Attention! This social network is not suitable for all areas of activity. So, before you start, be sure to check if there are influencers in your theme.

3 ideas to promote your content on Twitter:

  1. Write cash messages: 280 characters maximum.
  2. Vary the types of tweets: questions, statistics, quotes from the article, etc.
  3. Use hashtags wisely: Tweets with one or two hashtags get 20% more engagement.

5. Promote your content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to develop your professional network (500 million users) and your brand image. But it has also been, for several years, a social platform of choice for issuing relevant information on its field of activity.

3 ideas to promote your content on LinkedIn:

  1. Republish your articles on LinkedIn Pulse (native article platform) to boost their visibility.
  2. Transform your content into infographics (the most attractive content on LinkedIn).
  3. Use Call to Action buttons to engage Internet users: “Learn more”, “Contact us”, “Visit the website”, etc.

6. Promote your content on Instagram

If your audience is a young audience, Instagram is the place to deliver your content. 60% of people under 25 have already purchased a product through this social network. On Insta, it is impossible to add a link from a post to a publication. On the other hand, it is possible to integrate one directly into the bio of his profile.

3 ideas to promote your content on Instagram:

  1. Reshare your posts in stories for extra visibility.
  2. Adopt the Link tree tool to create a landing page including your most important publications.
  3. Write micro-articles (2000 characters max.) in the caption to further engage communication with your community.

7. Publish at the best time on social networks

Effective community management cannot be improvised! This requires the application of a content publication schedule. Your editorial line will also be punctuated by the chestnut trees, that is to say the key events of the year such as the end of year celebrations, Valentine’s Day, etc. Thus, a fashion blogger will mark in red ink on her calendar the dates of Fashion Week or sales.

On social networks, the time of publication is a crucial factor in reaching as many Internet users as possible. The result will obviously not be the same between a publication at three o’clock in the morning on Monday and another at three o’clock on Friday.

To determine your ideal time to post, there’s nothing like analyzing the data on your page. It will help you to know your peak audience (Facebook Insights section in particular).

8. Sponsor ads for commercial purposes

Using paid advertising skillfully on social media can be helpful in promoting content and generating engagement.

  • On LinkedIn: To run LinkedIn Ads, set up a LinkedIn Campaign and send Sponsored InMail’s to a target audience.
  • On Facebook: reaching the top of Facebook publications is not easy. Use Facebook advertising (Facebook Ads) to maximize the reach of already viral posts.
  • On Twitter: wait until you have acquired a minimum number of 500 followers to start sponsoring. Once this hard core is established, Twitter Ads can help boost your posts.

9. Surround yourself with influencers to promote your content on social networks

Influential personalities or bloggers in your area of ​​expertise can help promote content on social media at scale and get your blog off the ground, among other things. Indeed, your buyer persona undoubtedly follows other recognized professionals who are listened to attentively.


These have a large audience of a community that trusts them and you can reach them through them. Establishing a lasting or one-time partnership with these web influencers can take the form of paid publications on social networks.

10. Create interaction with Internet users

Humanizing your posts is an excellent promotional approach. In fact, readers pay as much attention to the content as to the resulting comments: asking a question in the teaser message directly solicits the user who will comment. Respond to other questions from the community with empathy and respond with insight to harmful comments.

Last tip, organize contests to generate engagement in an original way and generate better sales afterwards. In the end, offer a nice reward to the winner(s), or even to everyone via a discount voucher, gifts, etc. If you also choose to intelligently send players to a landing page with a form, you will be able to collect many email addresses to expand the list of your prospects.

And brief…

The benefits of social media for web businesses or entrepreneurs are undeniable. But even with 2.5 billion users, posting random content alone is never enough to create engagement on social media. It is essential to be a strategist and proactive to garner likes and retweets. Each social network has its audience and its practices. No need to run several hares at once to promote your content through social networks.


The choice of platform should not depend on your tastes, but on the habits of your potential customers.

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