Reasons to Choose Preserved Flowers Over Fresh Ones

Preserved flowers are perfect substitutes for ordinary flowers. They are like what they appear. They go through a 100% natural process of preservation to keep them beautiful and fresh year-round.

They appear so similar that it’s hard to distinguish between the fresh-cut and preserved flowers. These boxed flowers have the elegance of fresh flowers and also offer many benefits over the former. Let’s learn about a few such benefits.

These are Long Lasting Flowers

As it has been mentioned, with proper care preserved flowers in a box can last for around 12 months. To truly put it into perspective, it means that they can last 50 times more than the ordinary ones. When you offer them as a birthday gift, yearly holiday, or anniversary, they last for a long time until the next one.

Thus, preserved flowers are ideal for decorations, rather than ordinary ones that can quickly wither, or synthetic flowers that don’t feel real. With long shelf life, you also get more room for other conveniences, making things practical and economical.

Eco-Friendly Option

It is worth mentioning how much impact preserved flowers in a box have on the environment. They are also the most environmentally friendly options. The resources needed for someone to own them, compared to replacing ordinary flowers, are lessened to a great extent.

It means you don’t need too much fertilizer, water, and soil. As they’re simple to keep and transport, they don’t consume much energy and require less packaging in landfills. These features make them one of the most eco-friendly options.

They Need Low Maintenance

Taking care of ordinary flowers is like taking care of plants, as you need to provide time-to-time care. Taking care of stems, watering, pruning, cutting, and other routines are needed with fresh-cut flowers. From the owner’s end, preserved flowers don’t need too much care. They only need to care about their proper positioning and keep them in less humid temperatures.

Make sure they’re kept in a properly ventilated space, without any outdoor disturbance and direct sunlight. They won’t need anything more than an occasional dusting. With aging, they can turn more fragile, so it would need gentle touching from time to time, and that’s all you need to do.

These are Novelty Presents for all Occasions

Compared to conventional flower packing, florists make preserved flowers in a box while putting more work into them. As the preserved flowers last longer, they are worth the investment. Preserved flowers are available in different accents, colors, arrangements, and finishes. They are bound to mark your impression on the person to whom you’ll present.

It’s Practical to Have Preserved Flowers

Let’s admit that no one wants to throw away beautiful flowers after they’ve perished. The best thing you get with preserved flowers is that, after you buy them, you won’t be in a hurry. You get ample time to keep them in one spot, show them to someone, or present them like a unique gift.

Regardless of whether you’ve canceled an occasion, you can still gift these after a few weeks. It is easy to leave them alone for a prolonged time and they appear exactly like when they were left. The best benefit you get with them is the time.


Preserved flowers in a box are more durable than fresh ones making them ideal for international or fragile deliveries as they’re more apt to reach in one piece than fresh flowers. Even in the house, they can easily take some hits from being knocked by a child or pet than the fresh flower bouquets. All these benefits make it worthwhile to buy preserved flowers over regular ones. They are available in different styles and complement all occasions.

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