Record Your PC Screen-Essential Tips for the Best Video Quality

Do you need to record your computer screen for a tutorial, project, or video assignment? Luckily, it’s easy to record and save your screen on any modern computer. You can record your screen in just a few minutes using built-in software. Recording your PC screen is just one of the many benefits of owning a home computer. If you’re ready to get started recording and saving your PC screen, read on for helpful tips!

Install the Right Software

First and foremost, you’ll need the right screen recorder software to record your PC screen. Since there are a few different ways to record your screen, you’ll need to install the appropriate recording program. Most screen recorders will also allow you to record your PC’s microphone and webcam. Recording your PC’s audio is a great way to include audio commentary in your video. If you’re recording a tutorial or guide, it’s a good idea to include audio commentary to help your viewers follow along.

Record Using Screen Recording Software

Another popular way to record your PC screen is with online screen recorder software. There are several excellent screen recorders you can use for free. Many of these tools also allow you to record your computer’s webcam and microphone like the iTop screen recorder. Screen recording software is a great option if you need to record a video tutorial or create a visual guide.

If you need to record a video walkthrough or create a visual guide, screen recording software is a great tool to have in your PC toolkit. You can record your screen and create visual guides for helping your friends and family with their computers.

Record with Built-in Tools

You can also record your PC screen with built-in tools. Many computers come with a built-in screen recorder Windows 10. If your computer has this feature, it’s usually found in your taskbar. You can usually find this tool by clicking on your computer’s “start” button. On the Windows 10 Taskbar, click on the “Windows” icon and select “Task Manager”. On the Windows Task Manager Window click on “More Details” to open the full Task Manager. On the Windows Task Manager full screen, click “Record Screen” to save your computer’s screen.

Tips to Record Better Videos of Your Screen

Make sure your computer is set up for recording

You’ll get the best video quality by setting up your computer for screen recording. Make sure your computer’s sound is turned on and set to a decent volume. You don’t want your video to be too quiet and difficult to hear. Make sure your computer’s microphone is close to your mouth when you’re recording. This will ensure your audio is loud and clear.

Adjust your computer’s brightness and contrast

You want your recording to look as professional as possible. Adjusting your contrast and brightness will help create a more professional video.

Clean your computer’s screen

A clean computer screen will show your video in the best light. Clean your screen and make sure it’s free of smudges and fingerprints before you start recording. You don’t want these marks on your screen showing up in your recording.

Keep your computer in a quiet space

Your computer’s fan and other sounds can be heard on your recording. Make sure your computer is in a quiet space so your recording isn’t interrupted by outside noise.


There are many ways to record your computer screen. Be sure to choose the best recording method for your needs. You can record your computer screen in several different ways. We recommend using the iTop Screen Recorder if you need to create visual guides or you want to learn how to record Zoom meeting without permission.

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