Step by Step Guide To Edit Ecommerce YouTube Video Ads

Video marketing is definitely a trend that you’d want to watch out for. At this stage of the game, you need to use videos for your marketing. Otherwise, you’ll be way behind the competition. YouTube is one of the best ways people use to consume videos online. Therefore, it should equally be the best way that you use to reach a wider audience. Therefore, YouTube ads are more than important in today’s marketing dynamics. You need to start making videos today using a video maker. We’re going to show you just how you can make these videos, and edit them for YouTube Ads.

Step One: Link Your YouTube Channel with Google Ads

Before you start your ad campaigns, it is important that you link your channel to Google Ads. For you to do this, you will need to open Google Ads and click on Tools and Settings at the top right corner of your screen. After that, you can go to Setup then linked accounts. On this linked accounts page, you can choose YouTube and then exit after adding the channel.

Step Two: Choose a Video Maker and Editing Tool

What software are you going to use to create and edit YouTube ecommerce videos? It is important that you choose the right software, as this can help you create the right videos that can compete with the competition.

Almost everyone is creating videos these days. Therefore, you need to produce something out of the ordinary to impress your viewers. A decent video maker can help you achieve this when you use various templates to create content. Then you can take advantage of its amazing editing tools to get rid of unnecessary clutter in the video. There’s no way you’d lose to the competition when you do all this diligently.

Step Three: Add Engaging Elements to the Video


Whenever you want to keep your audience glued to the screen and engaged to your content, you need to take advantage of engaging elements in your videos. A decent video maker can help you add these elements quite easily during the editing process.

Some of the engaging elements that you can add to the Ad include text, shapes, and images. Fun transitions, music, and animations can also help to make the video a lot more interesting.

While choosing elements, be careful not to pick irrelevant ones, as they may also distort your efforts of reaching a greater audience. Make sure that the elements you choose align with your video perfectly. You don’t want to end up taking the focus off the high-quality content.

Step Four: Come Up with a Baseline Video Editing Style

This is one of the best ways to streamline your editing process. It also helps to keep your audience engaged always. Once you come up with a baseline video editing style, you can use it in every video ad that you edit. This will create some form of consistency.

This also ensures that you can save the time you use to edit videos and concentrate on other important factors. Your audience will recognize this kind of consistent style. They will always connect to it when they see your ads. Remember that you will need to use several ads to reach the full marketing potential. And people need to relate and remember you when viewing every ad. Redbull drink has utilized this strategy quite well, and it has been one of the reasons why their ads are a huge success. In most of their ads, you will notice one similar punchline – Redbull gives you wings. And a similar theme for all. You can give this strategy a try.

Step Five: Trim the Beginning and End of the Video


There are a lot of unnecessary parts in the video ad, which you may only notice during editing. This is why this process is so important. Using your video maker, you can trim these parts, including those in the beginning and the end of the video. The unnecessary parts in the beginning of the video can put off the viewer and make him or her skip the ad.

The intro of the video has to be very captivating and convincing. People have very limited attention spans, and wasting even one second can be detrimental to your marketing. Add baits at the beginning section and make sure you capture the attention of the viewer completely.

The end of the video also needs to be convincing, as this is where the call-to-action mostly is. If the viewer won’t be convinced about your service or product, then he or she will not follow your prompts.

Final Thoughts

Editing YouTube video ads is not rocket science. You only need a professional video maker and editor and the process becomes a breeze. Remember to follow these steps to give yourself an easy time during the editing process. 

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