Things to Consider When Finding a Social Media Analytics Tool

Social media analytics tools can be an excellent way for companies or brands to monitor their progress and see how they compare to the competition.

One of the best social media analytics tools is Netbase Quid. NetBase Quid is a tool that analyzes multiple resources over social media to generate valuable insights for businesses. Netbase Quid’s analysis can improve their digital marketing, product management and even improve customer care.

Many different factors go into choosing a social media analytics tool, and they include:

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Customer Support

What type of support does the tool offer? Some tools provide email support, while others only have phone lines or knowledge base articles available during business hours. Depending on your needs, 24/365 availability can be a big plus, so look at this when deciding which social media analytics platform to choose. Also, consider how long it takes them to get back in touch with customers once an inquiry is submitted and whether they will work weekends or nights if needed.



A social media analytics tool that is highly customizable will help you get the most out of your data and help you better understand which types of content are successful with your audience, so it’s worth investing more in this level of detail. If possible, look at what options are available to customize reports or create custom segments by network or topic.

Data Purity

When choosing an analytics tool, look at its data collection process and how accurate the results will likely be. Some tools use automated processes, while others employ humans who monitor specific topics, so results can get skewed if users react quickly to breaking news events like natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

Reporting Frequency

Are you looking for daily, weekly, or even hourly updates about your brand’s online performance across different networks and topics? Depending on how your brand uses social media, it might make sense to customize your regular reports.


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Mobile Access

What are the mobile capabilities of this tool? Depending on how you use social media, accessing reports from a smartphone or tablet could be very helpful if you’re constantly on the go and need up-to-date information about what’s happening across different networks.


How much data do you plan to store? What is the total cost of ownership? Most tools are priced per user, but some have added fees for data storage or historical reporting. If your needs change over time may want to consider a SaaS model that charges monthly vs. one with annual contracts as this will keep costs more predictable in the long run.

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Customer Retention

How often do users need to pay to continue using the tool? While some tools are free for basic usage, others let you access certain features only after signing up for a paid subscription. If you’re not sure whether its reports will provide enough value, then try it out before making any long-term commitment so that way there is no risk of overpaying if they don’t have all the information marketers are looking for.


What options does the tool have in terms of custom audience creation? This helps marketers better understand how different groups interact with their brand across social networks depending on what’s most important to your business.


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