Why Choose Hurricane Proof Windows for Your Construction


Every year, hurricanes become more deadly. As per NASA studies, hurricane wind amplitudes have grown by 5% compared to 15-25 years in the past. As a result, the water flow has increased.


At the same period, the people and house values in hurricane-prone beaches are increasing, increasing the danger of catastrophic natural calamities. In 2016, the American Government destroyed $15 billion, opposed to approximately 300 million dollars in 1980.


Because of the devastation inflicted during Hurricane Andrew in the southeast United States in 1992, Florida’s legal system now requires that every building constructed after 2001 be equipped with hurricane-proof windows. Following that, a Miami-Dade validation is supplied to prove that the windows and glasses in Dade County are adequate.


What influence could the hurricane make on your home?


Humans can be injured by hurricanes in two directions:


Hurricanes are divided into three categories:


Hurricanes are known for their high wind speeds and intensity, which can shatter glass windows, beams, and insulation, swiftly exposing your home to the environment. Additionally, whatever is exposed outdoors is vulnerable to being grabbed and smashed by the wind.


If a window glass is broken, the glass pieces become projectiles that might cause injury to those in the neighbourhood.


Windows that have shattered or crashed have produced a route of devastation


If somehow the window structure is not robust sufficiently, not simply the glass fracture, but the windows themselves will be damaged, and the interior and exterior structures will be damaged.


When the wind enters the residence, it shatters everything within. These flaws can allow water to enter your property, inflicting rapid and long-term harm to your property and valuables.


What will hurricane-resistant windows imply, and how will they function?


Although tempered glass is 3 times stronger than basic glass, the heat-processed monolithic glass may be utilized in the hurricane-proof window because tempered glass can collapse into chunks once shattered, causing more serious injuries to individuals whenever a hurricane strikes with strong storm and rain.


As a result, a hurricane-proof window should fulfil some requirements:


It’s highly long-lasting and impossible to break down.


After fracturing, the glass of the hurricane-proof window holds its toughness and cannot be pierced.


Hurricane proof windows should have strengthened glass and window frames to ensure that they do not shatter during a storm.


As a result, there are three types of hurricane-resistant glasses for hurricane proof windows:


PVB Laminated Glass

Aside from that, the PVB laminated glass used here is polyvinyl butyral laminated glass that has been hardened.


Even if one portion of tempered glass breaks during a hurricane, the laminating can maintain the glass’ total strength while also acting as a shield to guard the innermost glass.


In addition, the PVB medium shields the glass against penetration.


SGP Laminated Glass

PVB laminated glass could disintegrate if two pieces of glass got cracked; the PVB medium is light and has poor shearing force thus it can not handle the shattered glass properly.


SGP laminated glass is extremely long-lasting. SGP laminated glass has 3 times the supporting ability of PVB laminated glass, but its folding flexibility at the identical width and pressure is just a quarter of that of PVB laminated glass.


Since the SGP covering is more tear-resistant than the PVB material, once the glass breaks, the SGP can link to it and form a temporary framework with just minor bending adjustments. It can resist a specific level of force without breaking or twisting the glass panels in their entirety.


Polycarbonate Laminated Glass

Because it has a higher compression capacity than normal glass or tempered laminated glass, the PC sheet is much more robust to breaking. It has no possibility of breaking even if it is smashed with a hammer.


Anti-intrusion and bullet-resistant polycarbonate laminated glass is extensively utilized, and it should have the best storm resistance. However, it is also the most expensive.


During hurricanes, the balance of glasses and structure provides the best safety; glass is only one component of Hurricane Proof Windows. The most significant characteristics of the glass of the hurricane-proof window are its water tightness, air entry and air pressure.


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