Witch Stairs: What Are They?

Do you know what witch steps are? These stairwells have been discussed and alluded to in literature, as well as by fear mongers and stairwells designed to keep witches away and or imprisoned up. Being a witch makes it impossible to employ them. They are also known as alternating step staircases or alternate tread stair cases and serve a practical purpose. Some people use them to save space, while others choose them due of their unique design. Whatever the reason, installing witch stairs at home is a smart idea since who wouldn’t want a fashionable staircase that also saves a lot of space?

What’s the Big Deal With Witch Stairs?

Witch stairs are mentioned in mythical tales about witches and other paranormal entities. They are thought to be built in such a way that no witch can climb them and move up. It’s unclear whence this legend originated, and a little investigation reveals that there’s not much to it. However, the name draws attention. Their recent prominence stems from a Tik-Tok video that was discovered by chance by an artist. Fans promptly referred to literature to confirm the existence of such stairwells.

The staircase design is aimed to give the total living space a fresh aspect, and to make visitors’ heads turn for a second glance whenever they see these distinctive stairs.

What distinguishes alternate traded or “witch stairs” from a conventional staircase?

The structure of these witch stairs is what distinguishes them from conventional ones. For each step, there is essentially an alternating stair. Instead of being the length of the space, each step is only big enough for one foot. This also reduces the overall number of stairs in this staircase. The amount of material required by the builder will be far less than that required by a traditional staircase. The distance between the treads grows as the area needed to construct these steps shrinks.

What makes these staircases ideal for small homes?

One of the main reasons why, despite its doubtful supernatural origins, this type of stairway can be beneficial is that it saves a lot of room. Houses with smaller rooms can more readily fit in a stair case with fewer stairs. They take up significantly less room than a typical stair case and have a more attractive appearance.

Why are witch stairs so appealing?

If you’re someone who is always looking for new ways to decorate their home, this type of ascent and descent is exactly what you need. Anyone who comes to your house will most likely make a double take and want to try them out. Not only do you have a clever use of space, but you also have a conversation starter. Although these stairs do not require any more adornment because they are already appealing and unique. When it comes to decorating alternate tread stairs, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a rustic look or a contemporary look to make your living space stand out.


The alternate tread staircase, also known as the witch staircase. This idea is worth the investment because it connects the lower level with the attic without losing any space. It is an innovative idea for individuals who are continuously experimenting with their home d├ęcor ideas or for homes with a small layout. If cost is a concern, these alternative staircase designs can be quite economical and utilise less material than traditional staircases. As a result, if you’re on a budget and want something different, these stairs are worth considering.

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