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Celebrating birthdays, thanksgiving, anniversaries, group activities, and other important events will never be fun if you don’t prepare activities that everyone can enjoy. Let alone if your group wants to experience a uniquely designed activity in a place unsuitable for what you prepared. The event’s location is as important as the event itself. If you plan to have activities for your group, what’s a more exciting way to spend it with us?

As an event place, we cater to what you need. We can offer you a place suitable for your birthday celebration. In short, we are birthday party venues for hire.

Happy Birthday: Where to Celebrate?

If you are more tired of celebrating birthdays than usual, then we have you covered. With our fun games, upbeat music, and sumptuous menu, we can take care of the party you deserve. Zone Bowling is the perfect event place you can hire to manage your activity for you to have a fun and relaxing celebration.

Birthday Package

Of course, celebrating parties is all about coming to age whether you are a celebrant having a kids’ party or a celebrant that is young at heart, both can experience an exciting birthday event perfect for your taste with our activities.

  1. Happy Birthday, Kids!

Celebrating a Kid’s party might be a little overwhelming with all the kids invited. But with us, we offer activities for parents who might have a tight or unlimited budget accompanied by a designated organizer, host, and fun-filled activities suitable for children.

Here, parents will relax on the side while their children enjoy playing with the assigned activity based on the Kid’s Plan, payable per person.

The Pin: Basic package with access to bowling, laser, kid’s zone, time zone, prize tickets, meals, card invitation, space area, and organizer for only $32.

The Arcade: With this $37 package, the kids can play with the time zone, receive ticket prize, have a fun session at the Photo booth, receives invitation card, meals when hungry, and a cheerful host to facilitate the event.

The Double: Now, for the same prize of $37, children receive an invitation to have the option of bowling and a laser game or spend all their energy at the kid zone. Other than that, they have access to the time zone with ticket prizes, all organized by the host.

Golden Turkey: The pricey package that goes at $47 with access to bowling and laser game or a complementary access Play area with time zone access, claimable prize tickets, photo session, and when hungry, a meal and drink plan.

As you can see, all plans almost intersect with what they offer, but the difference is the number of prize tickets and the time children can spend on each activity. All you have to do is choose the right plan you think your children can enjoy and let us do the rest of the planning and organizing.

  1. Happy Birthday- Kids at Heart!

Now, if you are kids at heart and want to experience a unique way of birthday celebration but you don’t have time for planning, then we can do that for you. Here we offer three different packages you and your friends can truly enjoy.

Alley Cat: For $40 per person, you can enjoy a bowling or laser game with a complimentary menu which you can enjoy.

Rock n Bowl: A $50 package that offers two bowling or laser game sessions with planned drink and food service.

Hollywood Bowl for $70 – this package offers two bowling or laser game sessions with access to time play. Besides that, it has a food and drink menu you can enjoy once you get hungry.

With all our packages, you can have fun on your birthday without worrying about what to do during that day. Embrace a modern type of birthday celebration. All you have to do is contact us, and you can celebrate your birthday hassle-free. With us, you can be your group’s best birthday party celebrator.

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