A Guide to T-shirt Making Machine

Do you want to have your own printed knitwear business? Well, to set up a store in this segment, it is essential to choose a t shirt maker machine wisely .

What are the types of t-shirt making machines? 

There are several options on the market to transfer/print images on meshes. However, the most used t-shirt maker machine is:

  1. Transfer;
  2. Silk screen (or Serigraphy);
  3. Sublimation;
  4. Transfer digital.

Each one of them has its particularities, especially with regard to the transfer/printing format, colors and compatible fabrics (which directly affect the final result).

So, before we understand each of the printing processes, let’s see the types of knits for t-shirts .


How does the t-shirt printing process work?

As we have seen, there are different types of t-shirt printing machines. So, below, get to know each of the processes :

1. Transfer

The transfer is nothing more than a thermal transfer : after printing the desired print, this image is pressed (at high temperature) onto the t-shirt. Thus, the mesh is not dyed—it just receives an extra layer, a kind of adhesive.

This t-shirt machine is low cost and does not require a minimum print run. However, the transfer quality is not the best, as after a few washes, the “adhesive” may fade, peel and/or crack.

  1. Sublimation

Similar to transfer, stamping is also thermal. However, in this case, the solid state sublimation ink , after being pressed at high temperature, evaporates and penetrates the fabric fibers.

In sublimation, there are no limits to the concomitant use of colors. However, it is ideal only for white shirts and synthetic knits , such as cold and dry . Such requirements guarantee the quality and durability of the print.

3. Silk screen

With a high production value, the Silk screen t-shirt printing machine works from different screens with cutouts that are arranged on top of the fabrics. With the inks and distribution rolls, the meshes are manually dyed.

It is ideal for large print runs , because for each color, it is necessary to create a new canvas with cutouts.

4. Fingerprint

Digital printing is the most technological option on the market . This t-shirt printing machine transfers the illustrations to the fabrics as if it were a printer dyeing the paper.

Because its inks are water-based , the prints are quickly absorbed by the fabric and the quality of the piece is very close to that of Silk screen.

This type of machine allows printing with different colors (even on dark fabrics) and individual customizations. It is quite easy and agile, however, the cost of equipment and ink is high .

What is the best t-shirt printing machine?

To choose the best t-shirt printing machine for your business, it is important to consider your goals, as mentioned above, as well as the technical support available. Now that you know the main options on the market, it’s easier to make that decision, right?

When purchasing a machine, take care to find out what type of assistance is offered . Remember that if your machine stops working, you will stop billing indefinitely. Therefore, you will need fast and efficient service.

Access forums on this topic and ask for opinions from people who already have the model you intend to purchase. Before closing the deal, ask if it is possible to return the product if it does not fit.

Buying a t-shirt printing machine is one of the most important steps when creating a store in this niche. Therefore, it is worth researching a lot before purchasing it, after all, you will be responsible for the quality of the products you will sell.

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