Download vs Instant Play Slots

Everybody knows that trying your hand at online slots can be loads of fun, as well as mighty fruitful, but there is often a big debate over what form of online casino gaming you take on. Some believe that simply logging into their favourite online slot site and playing instantly outperforms downloading and play games you like on your computer, and vice-versa.

Whichever way you go about playing your online slot games, be it downloaded or instant, it is important to know about the conspiracies, arguments, and discourses that surround the topic. Remember that the more you know about online slot gaming, the better at winning real cash you will be!

But, without further ado, we bring you the comprehensive guide through the argument of downloaded or instant play slots so that you can choose for yourself and get winning as soon as possible!

What is the Difference Between Download and Instant Play Slots?

Online slots gaming can be a wacky place when it comes to phrases, lingo, and jargon because the place seems to be filled with strange terms that are not seemingly said in any other context. Among all the weird words we find ourselves making the decision between slots that you download and slots that you can instantly play… but, what are they?

  •         Download Slots – This one may be a little obvious, as the clue is in the tittle, but these are essentially slot games that you download onto your personal computer and play them from there.

They do not always have an internet requirement because if you have funds already deposited then you can spin away wherever you are!

  •         Instant Play Slots – It may seem as though download slots are the same as instant play slots, however, there is one crucial difference.

Instant play slots require you to log into your internet browser, go onto your favourite online slots site, and play the games on the websites you found them on.

Instant play slots are the most common form of online slot gaming because it is the easiest to pick up. So, if you have developed from the small fry to a big fish, then it is quite likely that you have gone from instant play slots to download slots!

What is Better: Download vs Instant Play Slots?

If you are teetering on the edge of going pro, in online slots gaming, then you might be wondering whether you should transfer to download slots or stick to the instant play ones.

To help you make up your mind, we have nailed down the advantages of both so that you can decide and start winning on the platform that suits you best:

Pros of Download Slots Pros of Instant Play Slots
Fuller version of the slot games You do not have to download anything dodgy
Graphics will be improved Download speeds can be a long wait
Speed of gameplay will be better Clue is in the name: instant play!
Can be played offline sometimes Stick to your roots and do not go professional


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