Slots Reload Bonuses Explained

Casino sites have lots of different ways of enticing players into their online slot games. Free spins to new players are commonplace in many online slot games, a good way of bringing in new players to your game instead of the many others on the market – click here to play Playson slot.

But how do sites keep their existing players happy and willing to play their online slot game instead of drifting to a new one? One of the main techniques that online casinos use are loyalty rewards.

What are loyalty rewards? 

Loyalty rewards are different types of rewards that sites use to reward their existing players for coming back to their online slot game. This has a few different positive consequences: 

  1.     Players feel as though they are being treated appropriately for their loyalty to the slot site.
  2.     Players get a more bang for their buck every time they choose to play the slot game.
  3.     It creates a good relationship between the online slot developers and their biggest players. 

One of the most common forms of loyalty rewards are reload bonuses. 

What are reload bonuses? 

Reload bonuses are bonuses that correlate to the deposits you put into slot sites each month. Some bonuses are very direct and give you a certain percentage of extra funds depending on how much you deposit each time. Other reload bonuses will only work if you use specific payment methods, so be sure to check what makes you eligible for a reload bonus on your preferred slot site. 

There are rarely maximum bonuses in online slot sites, meaning that however much you put in, the percentage of the reload bonus will stay the same. For example, if you deposit £30 with a 20% reload bonus, you’ll get an extra £6, and if you deposit £50, the reload bonus will remain at 20%, so your bonus this time will be £10. There are however minimum requirements for reload bonuses which can vary from slot game to slot game, so be sure to check the minimum requirement when considering how much you’re going to deposit. Some online casinos however might offer a flat rate for a reload bonus after the minimum deposit has been reached. For example, whether you deposit £50, or £200 you might get a flat bonus of £10. In this case, it is more sensible to make smaller, more frequent deposits each month rather than a larger one once every few months. 

Are reload bonuses effective? 

Reload bonuses can be effective in a number of different ways: 

          If you’re going to deposit money into an online casino account, then making sure the slot site offers reload bonuses will already give you more money to play with before you’ve even pulled your first slot.

          Reload bonuses can be a great way for developers to realise who their loyal player base is, and therefore reward them accordingly. Some sites might have longer-term rewards depending on how many times you’ve triggered a reload bonus.

          Reload bonuses are continuous. They aren’t just a one-off bonus; they will keep rewarding you month after month.

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