Eye health: What you need to know

Our eyes play a pivotal role in determining the quality of life we lead; however, we don’t pay as much attention to the health of the eyes as we should.

 There are various factors that determine the status of the eyes. Even if the vision appears to be fine, but there can still be eye problems that lead to gradual change.

 Hence, it is imperative that you have sound knowledge about your eye health, factors that can affect it and how to mitigate these issues. Some might merit intervention of the Best Eye Specialist in Karachi, whereas others can be prevented by maintaining health.

 What are some common issues that can arise?

Some of the common issues that plague people with respect to vision problems and eye health include:

 Age-related macular degeneration: It affects macula that is responsible for a fine, central vision.

 Cataracts: Caused by the clouding of the lens, cataracts cause vision issues and even impairment as well.

 Computer vision syndrome: It refers to the set of symptoms that set in due to excessive use of screens.

 Dry eyes: This condition is remarked the by the lack of sufficient lubrication to the eyes. 

 Glaucoma: Remarked by the damage to the optic nerve, glaucoma if not treated in time, can lead to blindness as well.

 Pink eye: Also known as conjunctivitis, this condition occurs due to infection or inflammation in the eyes.

 Refractive errors: These occur on account of changes to the lens, which causes one to not see properly. Glasses are a quick solution to this problem.

 What affects your eye health?

There is an exhaustive list of factors that determines the health of your eyes. These include:

Age: As we age, our body has a harder time maintaining health and preventing diseases. Many eye problems are a consequence of age-related complications.

Diet: It’s often perceived that eating carrots can help with the vision, but that’s not all there is to diet. Lack of nutrition causes problems with vision, since the body lacks fuel to keep the eyes running properly. Moreover, poor dietary choice also increases the risk of vision problems as well.

Diseases: Certain diseases can also have a profound impact on the health of the eyes. For example, diabetes increases the risk of glaucoma, whereas hypertension can increase the risk of neuropathy, alongside causing other problems.

Infection: You might not think of infections as something that you can control but know that there are many habits of yours that increase the risk of infections. For example, touching the eyes using dirty hands, using unclean makeup products inside of the eyes, handling contact lenses with unclean hands or not properly cleaning or keeping them.

Genetics: Although incorrigible but significant nonetheless, having a family history of eye problems and diseases also increases the risk of eye problems.

Smoking: Another habit of yours that can cause damage to your eyes is smoking. It can not only increase the risk of eye diseases, but it may impair vision as well.

Sun exposure: Sunglasses are often perceived by as merely a fashion accessory, which is why many people forgo it. However, since sunlight contains dangerous radiation that affects the health of the eyes, wearing sunglasses is imperative for the health of the eyes.

Trauma or injury: Health of the eyes is also affected by injuries or any trauma. The chances run higher for people who do certain types of jobs or sports.

How to keep your eyes healthy?

Small steps can make a big difference towards the health of your eyes. In this endeavor, it is crucial that you take a good diet, manage your health better, quit smoking, limit screen time, and get regular exams.

Many problems don’t manifest until too late. To catch diseases and issues in time, it is imperative that you visit your eye doctor at Kulsum International Hospital for regular checkups.

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